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godspoetryGod's Poetry

Winner of the 2012 eLit Electronic Book Awards, Religion Category (Bronze Award)

The Greek word translated workmanship comes from 'poeo' poem. We are God's poems! He gives us an individual calling and writes it in our names. If you've always felt cut off from your destiny, now is the time to take up your mantle.

ISBN: 978-1922074522
RRP: $19.95

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godspanoplyGod's Panoply

Winner of the 2014 Gold Medal in the Theology category of the International Illumination Awards 'Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books'

This is a sequel to the multi-award winning God's Poetry by Anne Hamilton.

The Hebrew word for 'to kiss' also means 'to put on armour'. This uplifting exploration into Ephesians 5–6 shines a light on the hidden Aramaic thought behind Paul's command to submit and his description of God's armour.

A devotional kaleidoscope on the nature of marriage and spiritual warfare.

Author's Note: "This is a book mainly for women, as the cover indicates. The first six women I discussed the concept of the book with immediately started weeping. The book encourages deep and healing tears. Although it continually explores theology, its purposes and emphases are devotional, rather than academic."

ISBN: 978-1921633010
RRP: $19.99

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godsPageantryGod's Pageantry

Constriction. Wasting.  It’s hard to believe that just two words can describe the experiences of so many people who want to obey God’s calling.  As soon as we try to come into the destiny prepared for us from the beginning of time, everything seems to conspire against us. It’s almost as if God is powerless to defend us against the strangling, choking forces arrayed against us.  It’s also hard to believe the answer can be summed up in just two words: threshold covenant.  God’s Pageantry describes the nature of threshold covenants in Scripture, revealing not only their power to slam destiny’s open door on us but what to do about it.

This is the third book in the multi-award winning series which includes God’s Poetry and God’s Panoply.

ISBN: 978-0980362077
RRP: $19.99

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listeninglandThe Listening Land

The Greek way of understanding the world is to measure it. A Hebraic understanding recognises it as God's poem: a divine creation with fire in its equations. Only by seeing the fusion of art and science, word and number, song and cell are we able to see the true majesty of the universe—and of Scripture itself.

This gorgeously-designed gift book is profusely illustrated in full-colour.

ISBN: 978-0980362053
RRP: $12.95

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wingingwordThe Winging Word

For thousands of years, artists, architects, poets, engineers and scientists as well as mathematicians have been enthralled by the applications of a geometric theorem defining the 'golden ratio'. The Greeks saw it as essential to ideal proportions and called it 'the logos'. With this in mind, how different would Christian understanding of Scripture be if the first line of John's Gospel were translated: 'In the beginning was the ratio'?

This gorgeously-designed gift book is profusely illustrated in full-colour. For those who love mathematics or who have ever wondered why John reported exactly 153 fish were caught when the disciples saw Jesus for the third time after His resurrection.

ISBN: 978-0980362046
RRP: $12.95

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gawainandthefourdaughtersGawain and the Four Daughters of God

A mathematical 'adventure', exploring an interlocked, layered design within the four poems of Cotton Nero A.x.

Key structural elements are identified as mathematical metaphors for theological concepts; e.g. 490 as 'seventy times seven' alludes to forgiveness or 101 as a 'Pythagorean Comma' alludes to the Music of the Spheres.

The author concludes from an analysis of the numerical literary technique and comparison with other medieval poetic mathematics that the four poems - Pearl, Patience, Purity & Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - are meant to form a rhetorical debate with each of the 'Four Daughters of God' taking a turn to make her best case.

ISBN: 978-0980362060
RRP: $

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