God's Poetry

Many-Coloured Realm

International Book Awards 2011

Love, faith and the theory of relativity.

Many-Coloured Realm is a children’s and YA fantasy in numerical literary style—a rigorous mathematical design underpins the text. The prologue is 1111 words, the book 111111 words and the blurb 111.

It’s got 1 nice girl, 2 bad boys, 3 tortuous tasks and 4 strange ambassadors. After that, it’s hard to keep count. Dozens of elves, hundreds of goblins and legions of demons all converge on the colourless goblin realm for the king’s birthday party. Robby and Chris enter a world where time is relative—can they name the king and rescue Stephen before they’re all trapped? (Yes, this too is 111 words.)

ISBN (print): 9781921633065

Author: Anne Hamilton



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