Anne Hamilton

Anne Hamilton is a prize-winning author of over 30 books, ranging from children’s fantasy to devotional theology.

Susanne Timpani

Susanne Timpani is a nurse. Her medical romance, Twice Stolen, won the 2012 CALEB Award for Unpublished Manuscript.

Hazel Barker

Hazel’s memoirs follow her life from the war years in Burma through her time in a novitiate to a new beginning in Australia.

Mark Sandford

Mark is an author, teacher, conference speaker, pastoral counselor, and mentor with 38 years of experience.

DR Dymock

Darryl is a mentor with the Queensland Writers Centre, and the convenor of Oxley Men’s Shed Writing Group

Natalie Tensen

Natalie is a trained counsellor specialising in guidance for health and well-being in  relationships, parenting and spirituality.

Arpana Dev Sangamithra

Arpana has specialist knowledge in the spiritual background to the practice of yoga.

Deborah Dekker

Deborah’s heart is for the healing of her nation, Belgium, as well as mothers and fathers around the world.

Janice Sergison

Janice is an Integrated Inner Healing Therapist from Christchurch, New Zealand, with a wealth of field experience.

Constance Mbassi Manga

Constance is a researcher at Lancaster University and an expert at translation into the French language.

Donna Ho

Donna has a special affinity for the unsung heroes of China, Israel and Australia. She is a film-maker.

Janice Speirs

Janice has worked with many specialists in a wide variety of healing modalities. She comes from outback New South Wales.

Irenie Senior

Irenie and her husband ministered in a country church for several decades. They now work to liaise spiritual warfare teams.

Anusha Atukorala

Anusha delights in many things – life, the love of Jesus, people,  and the beauty of God’s creation..


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