Books by Anne Hamilton

Jesus and the Healing of History  Series

# 1 Like Wildflowers, Suddenly

# 2 Bent World, Bright Wings

# 3 Silk Shadows, Rings of God

# 4 Where His Feet Pass

# 5 The Singing Silence

# 6 In the Meshes of the Net

Children’s and YA books

  • Merlin’s Wood: Battle of the Trees 1
  • Taliesin’s Mantle: Battle of the Trees II
  • Daystar: The Days are Numbered 1
  • Many-Coloured Realm
  • GROW: Under the Southern Cross (editor and contributor)
  • Crossed Spaces (contributor)
  •  A Glimmer of Uncommon Fairy Tales (contributor)
  • Terry: Adventures of a Terek Sandpiper (with Sandra Temple)

The Forgotten Covenants Series

# 1 God’s Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded in Your Name
# 2 God’s Panoply: The Armour of God and the Kiss of Heaven
#3 God’s Pageantry: The Threshold Guardians and the Covenant Defender
# 4 God’s Pottery: The Sea of Names and the Pierced Inheritance
# 5 God’s Priority: World-Mending and Generational Testing

The Mother’s Blessing and God’s Favour Towards Women Series

  • # 1 More Precious than Pearls (with Natalie Tensen)
  • # 1a More Precious than Pearls (with Study Guide)
  • # 1b Plus précieuse que des perles
  • #2 As Resplendent as Rubies (with Natalie Tensen)
  • # 2a As Resplendent as Rubies (with Study Guide)
  • # 3 As Exceptional as Sapphires (with Donna Ho)

The Intersection of Mathematics and Scripture

  • Gawain and the Four Daughters of God: The Testimony of Mathematics in Cotton Nero A.x
  • The Winging Word
  • The Listening Land
  • The Singing Silence
  • The Elijah Tapestry: John 1and 21

Strategies for the Threshold series

  • #1 Dealing with Python
  • #2 Dealing with Ziz
  • #3 Name Covenant
  • #4 Hidden in the Cleft
  • #5 Dealing with Leviathan
  • #6 Dealing with Resheph
  • #7 Dealing with Azazel
  • #8 Dealing with Belial
  • #9 Dealing with Kronos
God's Poetry

God’s Poetry

Winner of the 2012 eLit Electronic Book Awards, Religion Category (Bronze Award)

God's Panoply

God’s Panoply

This is a sequel to the multi-award winning God’s Poetry by Anne Hamilton.

God's Pageantry

God’s Pageantry

This is the third book in the multi-award winning series which includes God’s Poetry and God’s Panoply.

The Listening Land

The Listening Land

This gorgeously-designed gift book is profusely illustrated in full-colour.

The Winging Word

The Winging Word

For those who love mathematics or who have ever wondered why John reported exactly 153 fish…

Gawain and the Four Daughters of God

Gawain and the Four Daughters of God

A mathematical ‘adventure’, exploring an interlocked, layered design within the four poems of Cotton Nero A.x.

God's Pageantry

.The Elijah Tapestry: John 1 & 21

Mystery, Majesty and Mathematics in John’s Gospel #1. A commentary on John’s first and last chapters