God's Pageantry

Each volume is lavishly illustrated in full colour. Photos of the landscape of Israel relevant to the theme of each book are included.

Each book contains narratives, notes, discussion questions and prayers.

The healings that Jesus performed are not random. In the stories where the location the miracle happened is identified by name, we can see that the particular individuals mentioned perfectly represent the history of the land. Jesus was therefore not only healing hearts and homes but binding up the rifts of history as well.

These books are available through all the usual outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Eden Books (UK) and Koorong (Australia). However, these are all mass-market print-on-demand copies which are now produced with a soft matte finish. If you have the time to wait several weeks, it is recommended that you order an offset print book direct from the publisher because of the much superior look of this process. Simply use our contact form to make an enquiry. Within Australia and New Zealand, you can also order the offset copies from Vision Christian Store.