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Bent World, Bright Wings

Jesus and the Healing of History 02

Once again, the stories in this volume explore the Jewish mindset of the first century, along with its traditions and worldview. They probe the depths of particular nuances behind the words of Jesus, showing how He crafted them to heal history—by deliberately visiting specific locations on very particular dates and engaging with carefully chosen individuals.

Bent World, Bright Wings highlights His actions in two deeply defiled places, each weighed down by the massive spiritual payload resulting from millennia of corruption. In one place, He simply spoke healing to the land; in the other, His actions were a direct challenge to the powers behind one of the greatest ruptures in human history. In doing so, He was overshadowed by the Father—as our bent world is now overshadowed by the bright wings of His Spirit.


Caesarea Philippi; Mount Hermon

There are two stories in this volume. The first is about the journey to the shrine of the goat-human demi-god Pan in time for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and what the implications are of naming Simon ‘Cephas’ — or Peter — on that special day. Why there? Why that day?

The second story looks how the Transfiguration is the fulfillment of one of the most controversial psalms in Scripture.


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