God's Pageantry

The Singing Silence

Jesus and the Healing of History 05

This is an expanded version of the original gift-book, The Singing Silence, published in 2007 and now out of print.

Why is a banana bent? Why do galaxies spiral in the same way as the unfolding fiddleheads of ferns? Why is that very same curve found in the gyre of hunting falcons, the pearlescent shape of nautilus shells, the coil of a chameleon tail, the beak of a parrot and the talon of an eagle? Why do apples, papayas and pears hide a five-pointed star in their cross-section?

What does the design of the universe tell us about God? If we could read the divine signature written across every created thing, what would it say?

Learn how to decipher a message so luminous in beauty the morning stars sang for joy.


The coming of the magi

There is a lot of mathematical explanation in this volume. But don’t let that deter you. You don’t need to be able to understand the mathematics to decipher the message. Everything in the universe carries the mark of the Creator: the logos, which does not just mean word but also ratio and reason.

By looking at the mathematics of the logos through ancient eyes, we can know where the saviour of the world would be born.


This book is available at all the usual outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Eden Books (UK) and Koorong (Australia).

Outside Australia, however, it is only available through print-on-demand and, due to changes in that process, the lavish colour interior is a soft matte rather than a vibrant gloss. If you prefer the latter and, if you have the time, it’s recommended that you contact the publisher direct via this website. Alternatively, within Australia or New Zealand, you can order the offset copies from Vision Christian Store.