God's Pageantry

Like Wildflowers, Suddenly

Jesus and the Healing of History 01

Many indigenous cultures recognise a deep connection between people and their land—a heart-weaving of inhabitants and history that lies, sleeping restlessly, within the landscape itself. Western society, with its strongly embedded belief in scientific rationalism, resists this idea. So what does Scripture have to say on this contested topic?

Like Wildflowers, Suddenly examines three localities in Scripture where Jesus tailored His actions in specific ways to heal the land as well as the people. Like blooms springing up after rain, His work of historical restoration is grace-laced and delicate but also quietly unassuming. His blessings of the earth are easily overlooked.

The woman at the well; Julius Caesar; ‘She Who Walks on Water’

There are three stories in this volume. The first is about the woman at the well and how her five marriages perfectly represent the covenants raised at the very same location as she is drawing water. 

The second story looks at a twenty-four hour period in the life of Jesus and how He showed several times that day that His authority was far greater than that of the deified Roman general, Julius Caesar. The third story looks at the way Jesus challenged the goddesses and godlings of the nations and claimed back the titles they had stolen.


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