God's Poetry

Dealing with Resheph: Spirit of Trouble

Strategies for the Threshold #6

A companion book to Dealing with Leviathan: Spirit of Retaliation

Resheph is mentioned seven times in Scripture. A fallen seraph and throne guardian, it is identified in this volume as a hidden face of Leviathan. Symbolised as a stag and an archer, Resheph is connected with flames and fire, fever, financial distress, mental illness, drought and scorching heat as well as the underworld. 

Jesus warred against this spirit at least seven times. It’s easy to miss these battles because it’s easy to miss the prophecies Jesus was fulfilling and the mention of Resheph associated with them.

This companion volume to Dealing With Leviathan is the sixth book in a series examining the obstacles we face on the threshold into our calling.


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ISBN (print): 978-1-925380-31-6

Authors: Anne Hamilton and Irenie Senior

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