God's Pageantry

As Exceptional as Sapphires:

The Mother’s Blessing and God’s Favour Towards Women III

This third volume in the series The Mother’s Blessing and God’s Favour Towards Women can be read entirely independently of the previous books. It is once again about the overlooked women of Scripture and this time features the city-builders, nation-shapers, chamberlains and torch-bearers.

The first cities built by a descendant of Abraham in the land promised by God were — surprisingly for us today — the result of a woman’s effort. Her townplan is ultimately revealed as a civic prophecy of God’s covenant with His people.

Be inspired by the stories of Sheerah, Bithiah, Mahlah, No’ah, Hoglah, Milkah, Tirzah, Joanna and Deborah to follow your own high calling as a Daughter of God. May your life show forth divine blessings that are as exceptional as sapphires.

Authors: Anne Hamilton and Donna Ho

ISBN: 978-1-925380-36-1


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