God's Poetry
God's Poetry

As Precious As Pearls

The Mother’s Blessing and God’s Favour Towards Women

This is the first of a three volume series.

MORE PRECIOUS THAN PEARLS looks at nuances specifically related to women in the Hebrew text of the Bible that are often obscured in English translations. For example, the women of Israel did not give any jewelry towards the building of the golden calf. Another example: they were the first to give gold for the adornment of the Tabernacle. This book celebrates God’s favour towards women and His surprising rewards for them because of their repeated faithfulness to the covenant.

It includes prayers for women to use on their own behalf as well as prayers for mothers to speak over their children.

Plus précieuse que des perles examine les nuances du texte hébreu qui ne sont pas habituellement présentes dans les traductions en anglais. Vous serez surpris par la joie que Dieu prodigue et Ses récompenses envers les femmes pour leur loyauté et fidélité indéfectibles lorsque la foi des hommes vacillait. Cet ouvrage inclut des prières pour vous et les femmes de votre entourage. Pour les mères ou les grand-mères, ces chapitres incluent également une prière à déclarer sur vos enfants.



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ISBN (print): 978-1-925380-06-4

ISBN (with Study Guide): 978-1-925380-22-4

Authors: Anne Hamilton and Natalie Tensen

Translator: Constance Mbassi Manga

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