God's Poetry

Merlin’s Wood

The Battle of the Trees 1

Literary Classics Silver Award 2018 – Upper Middle Grade

Selah Award 2018 – YA Fiction

77777 words long… because Anne is a numerical literary stylist.


Reece has always ignored Gran’s wild stories about the Welsh castle he’ll one day inherit. He isn’t interested in his namesake, Merlin the enchanter-who-lives-backwards-in-time either. Fairytales, no. Facts, yes. Nerdy research into time travel, definitely.

Fortunately his sister Holly has paid more attention to Gran’s otherworldly ramblings. When the twins are caught in a mysterious explosion and catapulted onto an interplanetary spacecraft, they’ll need to know what it means to live backwards in time. Just for starters.

ISBN (print): 978-1-925380-08-8

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-925380-33-0


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ISBN (print): 9781925380279

ISBN (ebook): 9781925380422

Author: Anne Hamilton

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