God's Poetry

Taliesin’s Mantle

The Battle of the Trees II

The sequel and finale to Merlin’s Wood.

77777 words long… because Anne is a numerical literary stylist.

Gawain has two assignments: one for his history teacher and one for his dad’s scary boss. Sent as a spy to a summer camp for supernerds in the remote Australian outback, he’s tasked with finding twins named Reece and Holly.

The thought of fitting in is a terrifying prospect. He’s got no scientific ability, a little sister to babysit, a secret talent to keep hidden, and mysterious dream-visions of life in a medieval castle to untangle. To top off his troubles, even before leaving the Ohio airport, he becomes a viral internet sensation when he’s gunned down by a holographic dragon.

ISBN (print): 978-1-925380-50-7



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ISBN (print): 9781925380507

Author: Anne Hamilton