God's Panoply

God’s Panoply: The Armour of God & the Kiss of Heaven

Winner of the 2014 Gold Medal in the Theology category of the International Illumination Awards ‘Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books’

This is a sequel to the multi-award winning God’s Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded in Your Name.

The Hebrew word for ‘to kiss’ also means ‘to put on armour’. This uplifting exploration into Ephesians 5–6 shines a light on the hidden Aramaic thought behind Paul’s command to submit and his description of God’s armour.

A devotional kaleidoscope on the nature of marriage and spiritual warfare.

This is a book mainly for women. Anne says:  “The first six women I discussed the concept of the book with immediately started weeping. The book encourages deep and healing tears. Although it continually explores theology, its purposes and emphases are devotional, rather than academic.”


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ISBN (print): 978-1921633010

Author: Anne Hamilton

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