God's Poetry

The Elijah Tapestry: John 1 & 21

Mystery, Majesty and Mathematics in John’s Gospel #1

The Elijah Tapestry investigates the patterning in the first and last chapters of the beloved disciple’s gospel and explores the message unveiled by uniting two seemingly unrelated pieces of information, one from the beginning and one from the end. The totality brings to light some intriguing implications about who was given Elijah’s mantle after the death of John the Baptiser.

The primary purpose of this study is devotional, yet it is not content to paddle in the shallows. Rather it seeks to take the reader down to pearl-divers’ depth into a lustrous world that has rarely been explored. It aims to bring to the surface and into our awareness the numerical-literary style that typifies John’s mode of thinking and writing so we can better decipher his message of truth and beauty, and understand its ongoing relevance for us today.



ISBN (print): 9781925380538

Author: Anne Hamilton