God's Poetry

Dealing with Belial: Spirit of Armies and Abuse

Strategies for the Threshold #8

A companion book to Dealing with Kronos: Spirit of Abuse and Time


What harmony,’ Paul asked, ‘is there between Christ and Belial?’

Where, you might wonder, did he pluck that name from? In most English Bibles, it appears for the first time in Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. So it comes as a surprise to realise this army commander of the spirit world is mentioned 27 times in Hebrew, almost always in connection with abuse and violence. Modern translations generally substitute worthless. Yet from the stories where Belial appears, we can draw important principles for dealing with its tactics, agenda and ploys.

This eighth book in the series, Strategies for the Threshold, examines the spiritual dynamics involved in approaching your life’s calling.



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ISBN (print): 9781925380484

Authors: Anne Hamilton and Janice Speirs

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