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Dealing with Kronos: Spirit of Abuse and Time

Strategies for the Threshold #9

A companion book to Dealing with Kronos: Spirit of Abuse and Time


Time heals all wounds.

The oldest stories about Kronos describe an entity with the body of a seraph and faces like the cherubim. ‘Father Time’ is an abuser bound in chains to prevent him from eating the future. His appetite is so voracious he consumes the past. In addition, through trauma’s power to impact the present with an unresolved moment from the past, he can devour it too.

We can believe we’ve escaped abuse when, in reality, complicity with Kronos has locked us into a maximum security spiritual prison. We don’t need a Time-Lord, we need a redeemer of wasted time. Scripture provides unexpected and important principles for dealing with the tactics, agenda and ploys of Kronos.

This ninth book in the series, Strategies for the Threshold, examines more of the complex spiritual dynamics involved in approaching and crossing over into your life’s calling. It is a companion volume to Dealing with Belial.



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Authors: Anne Hamilton and Janice Speirs

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