God's Pageantry

Fathers: The Heart of the Father, the Cry of the Sons |  

Mothers: Battle for Birth

This is a combined edition. Fathers is available separately.

We live in radical times when God is transforming us into His image. We need fathers. We also need mothers. God always intended that fathers and mothers would complement one another. Male and female He made them. Without good godly mothering so many children are not nourished and their dreams die in the womb.

May God breathe upon the mothers in Israel who will nourish, intercede and travail to bring forth His purposes. May they take their place alongside the fathers in this hour and provide a safe place for the orphans and for the abandoned ones, for the desolate and the lonely, for the dreamers and the intercessors-both in the Church and for those yet to come in that End Times almighty harvest of souls we are promised in this hour.

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