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Jesus and the Healing of History 06

Was the curse Joshua pronounced on the reconstruction of Jericho ever revoked? Who received the prophet Elijah’s mantle after John the Baptiser died? The answers to these questions are tucked away in the folds of familiar episodes in the life of Jesus. They peek out at us, trying to hook our attention, but so often we overlook them as tiny, irrelevant details.

This book is the first in this series to move beyond Jesus’ own lifetime and examine the way He set up events so that His disciples could continue His work of healing history, mending society and repairing the world.



Two healings in Jericho; Peter in Joppa

There are two stories in this volume. It’s rare to know the names of people who were healed by Jesus. However, we know the names of two people from Jericho who found Jesus miraculously intervening in their lives. It’s only when we look at their names and positions that we can see Jesus is lifting the curse Joshua spoke over Jericho almost 1500 years previously. As for Peter in Joppa, he was called to fulfil a task that one of the most famous of all the prophets failed to complete.


This book is available at all the usual outlets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Eden Books (UK) and Koorong (Australia).

Outside Australia, however, it is only available through print-on-demand and, due to changes in that process, the lavish colour interior is a soft matte rather than a vibrant gloss. If you prefer the latter and, if you have the time, it’s recommended that you contact the publisher direct via this website. Alternatively, within Australia or New Zealand, you can order the offset copies from Vision Christian Store.